15 Apr 2017

UPDATE! 17-May-17

I have now converted the links in the chapter lists for the following fanfics from livejournal to dreamwidth links ....

Torchwood (Janto)
- Lonely Road
- A New Direction
- The Path Unwinding
- A rose by any other name
- Infatuation
- A Place in Ianto's Heart

Supernatural (Destiel)
- The Parting of Ways

Emmerdale (Robron)
- Reset Robert 2.0

Shameless (Gallavich)
- Open Mic Night


Hi all,

So it took a few days but my journal entries have moved over from LJ to here! Yay!

Just an FYI - ALL THE LINKS IN THE CHAPTER LISTS AND AT THE END OF EACH CHAPTER WILL BE WRONG! I'll be changing them over from LJ links to Dreamwidth links but this is going to take time! Sorry for that guys!

I'm also slowly going to change everything to public so that my friends from LJ who are not on Dreamwidth can still read :-) Again apologies as this will take a while!

Hope to have everything sorted eventually!

Everlong x


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