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Title: Reset – Robert 2.0
Characters/Pairings: Aaron Livesy/Robert Sugden, Adam Barton/Victoria Sugden, Paddy Kirk, Chas Dingle, Diane Sugden, Chrissie White, Lachlan White, Lawrence White, Cain Dingle/Moira Barton, Finn Barton.
Summary: In saving Adam's life on the day of the helicopter crash Robert is injured and loses his memory; when he returns to the village he appears to be a completely different person, a new and improved Robert Sugden. While everyone prefers the new Robert, Aaron struggles to deal with losing the man he fell in love with.

Chapter List: dragontreasure26.dreamwidth.org/227156.html

Robert and Adam were both released from hospital the next morning; Aaron was more than a little displeased to find that Diane was bringing Robert back to the pub to stay with her. It was confusing enough being around Robert at the hospital for just a few moments, let alone them living under the same roof. Aaron wasn’t sure he’d be able to cope with it.

“Why can’t he stay with Vic and Adam?” Aaron hissed to Chas; Robert and Diane were sitting at the table and Diane was showing him some old family photographs hoping that something would be familiar to him. They weren’t having any luck so far.

“Victoria has enough on her plate with Adam and his broken ankle, not to mention she and Marlon have to prepare the food for two funerals,” Chas replied. “Diane offered, I think focusing on Robert helps her take her mind of Val.”

Aaron felt bad, but he still didn’t want Robert there. It was too much to handle right now. “Chrissie was playing the grieving wife at the hospital, but where is she now eh?” Aaron whispered. “I haven’t seen her since.”

“Who knows,” Chas replied with a shrug. “Look I don’t want him here anymore than you do, believe me on that, but if it helps Diane then I can cope with it. I’m sure soon enough he’ll get his memory back and then he’ll be out of here, just keep it together until then okay luv?” she said before heading out to the bar to open up for the day.

Diane turned to Aaron. “I was wondering if you could do me a favour?” she asked. “I need you to take Robert to the B&B so he can get his things, I’d do it myself but I promised I’d take care of Sarah and Jack today.”

Aaron glanced at Robert who smiled at him eagerly; he knew he couldn’t say no to Diane – the poor woman was stressed out with everything that was going on and he knew with Debbie in hospital that Andy needed all the help he could get with the children. “Yeah fine,” he shrugged.

“Thanks pet,” Diane said laying her hand on Aaron’s shoulder when she got up from the table. “Perhaps you could show him around the village, he might remember something?” she suggested.

“Sure whatever,” Aaron grumbled making it clear he wasn’t entirely happy with the situation. “You’d better get dressed then,” he said to Robert.

Robert got up glancing uneasily at Diane. “Well you see there’s a bit of a problem there,” Diane said glancing at Aaron. “Robert only has the clothes he was wearing at the time of the accident, I threw them out because they stank of smoke … you must have something that he can borrow for the morning?” she asked.

Aaron huffed angrily. “Come on then,” he said heading off toward the stairs.

Robert followed wondering why the younger man seemed to be so angry all the time; he entered Aaron’s room and glanced around. “How long have you lived here then?” he asked noticing that Aaron’s room was fairly sparse.

Aaron just shrugged as he pulled open a drawer and tugged out a couple of t-shirts. “Take your pick,” he said throwing the pile onto the bed.

Robert headed over. “You like dark colours,” he commented.

Aaron sighed with irritation. “Beggars can’t be choosers Robert, just pick one.”

As predicted Robert selected a blue t-shirt, and Aaron couldn’t help but smirk. “What?” Robert asked noticing this as he tugged off the dressing gown the hospital had kindly given him to wear home.

Aaron’s eyes darted over Robert’s chest before slipping down the look at the rest of his body. Robert was slim, but toned in the right places. “You like to wear blue,” he replied with a shrug as he tore his eyes away from his nipples, remembering how sensitive they were, and instead focused on finding a pair of shorts or joggers for Robert, he knew his jeans would be too short in the leg for the taller man.

“Brings out my eyes,” Robert smiled as he headed over to the mirror to admire himself.

Aaron shook his head, laughing to himself because despite having to no memory the old Robert was still there he thought as he watched him preen. “Here pretty boy put these on,” he said throwing him a pair of black joggers in his direction.

Robert caught them, Aaron eyes couldn’t help but slide over Robert’s ass as he bent over to pick up the clothes; he looked away quickly when he realised what he was doing but his eyes quickly betrayed him again, sliding up Roberts legs - lightly tanned and smattered with blond hair, his eyes then ran over his muscular thighs and his thoughts were filled with memories of them being wrapped around him, of his fingers digging into them as they rocked together. Aaron felt himself grow warm and quickly shook the thoughts from his head; he headed over to his nightstand and grabbed a can of deodorant. “Here,” he said tossing it to Robert. “You can wash up in the bathroom, feel free to use my stuff,” he said before heading out of the room quickly.

“Thanks,” Robert called after him.


After collecting Robert’s things from the B&B and taking them back to the pub; Robert and Aaron headed out once more to take a walk around the village. Aaron was surprised that Robert hadn’t changed, happy to continue wearing Aaron’s joggers and t-shirt. Aaron didn’t comment on it, silently laughing that the once rich pretty boy who wouldn’t be seen dead in something that didn’t have the right label attached was wearing his cheap old clothes.

They bumped into Paddy as entered the vets. “What are you doing Aaron?” Paddy whispered to him, glancing over at Robert was looking at the group of kittens in one of the cages who were in to have their vaccinations.

“Helping Diane out,” Aaron replied. “It’s okay Paddy I’m not going to jump back into bed with him if that’s what you’re thinking,” he whispered glancing over at Rhona who headed over to chat to Robert.

“Of course not,” Paddy replied far too quickly to be convincing. “Just be careful Aaron, he’ll get his memories back sooner or later and be back to the old Robert we all love to hate.”

“I know,” Aaron replied knowing that the cruel and cold hearted Robert Sugden would probably tease him for falling for him all over again, for being that weak. “Trust me I’m getting no pleasure from doing this,” he muttered.

Paddy’s eyes darted over Aaron’s uncertainly. “Okay, look I’ve got to go out on a call but how about a pint tonight?”

Aaron nodded before heading over to Robert once more. “You done?” he asked gruffly watching as he cradled one of the kittens in his hands.

Robert smiled at him. “Isn’t she adorable?” he asked lifting the kitten up to admire it some more.

“Good job you’re not a vet, she is actually a he,” Rhona told him.

“Well he is absolutely gorgeous,” Robert said reluctantly handing the kitten back over.

Aaron just rolled his eyes. “Come on,” he said nodding toward the door. Robert glanced at Aaron wondering why he was so hot and cold with him, one minute he thought they were okay the next Aaron seemed annoyed with him.

“Fancy a coffee?” Robert asked nodding toward the café.

Thinking about what Paddy had said Aaron shook his head. “I’ve got to get back actually, look you know where the pub is how about you go for a wander on your own and I’ll see you back there later?”

“Oh,” Robert replied looking disappointed. “Okay sure,” he nodded.

Aaron’s heart tugged in his chest when he saw the hurt in Robert’s eye and felt bad for leaving him alone, it must be pretty scary to have no memories whatsoever. “Look mate, uh I’m going to head to the scrap yard to see the damage you know? Maybe you should come? Might trigger something?”

Robert nodded. “Okay sure,” he replied following Aaron as he set off.

Aaron walked on ahead a little annoyed with himself for caving in; even with no memories Robert still seemed to have him under his spell.


Aaron was pleasantly surprised when they reached the scrapyard, apart from the two burnt-out cars on the forecourt the place didn’t look too bad at all. “At least the porta-cabin is still standing,” Aaron said placing his hand on the wall of it. “That’s were a bunch of your investment money went,” he told Robert. Robert just nodded as his eyes swept around the sight. “Anything?” Aaron asked watching him carefully.

Robert sighed and shook his head. “Can we go in?” he asked nodding toward the cabin.

Aaron nodded; he headed over to the steps stopping when he saw a petrol can lying on its side by the steps. Aaron picked it up and found it completely empty, he frowned knowing it had been full only a few days ago because he had filled it himself. They often went to pick up cars for scrapping and had to put a bit of fuel in them to get them back to the yard. Aaron put the lid back on the can and set it back down – an empty can of petrol and a couple of burnt out cars. That could not be a coincidence.

“Robert mate, how are you?” Adam said shaking Robert’s hand as they entered the porta-cabin.

Robert smiled. “You must be Adam?” he asked.

“Yeah yeah sorry Vic told me about the memory loss,” Adam said letting go of his hand and heading over to the minibar, struggling somewhat with the crutches he’d been given; he cracked open a can of beer and pushed it into Robert’s hand. “I can’t thank you enough for saving my life, and I’m so sorry for what’s happened to you as a result. It’s not fair man, it’s really not fair.”

Robert just shook it off; he sipped at the beer as he wandered around the cabin. Aaron and Adam watched on, wondering if at any moment he’d remember. “Seems like a decent place,” Robert said turning back to smile at them. “And you’re two are good guys, I can see why I invested.”

Adam grinned and he and Robert started to chat about the business; Aaron sank against the wall of the cabin and tried to hold back on the tears stinging in his eyes – he wanted Robert to remember, he really did, he realised. Despite everything, he knew what was troubling him - he wanted the old Robert back. Aaron hated this new Robert, how easily he got on with everyone, how nice he was without having an ulterior motive. On their tour of the village, he’d stopped to greet everyone and they’d ended up standing around talking to Edna for what felt like hours as she talked Robert through the whole history of the village. Robert smiled and nodded, listening patiently apparently interested in it all. When they went to the shop he bought bags of sweets for Jack and Sarah when he spotted them with Diane and to top it all off he’d cooed over the kittens in the vets.

It was not Robert. It wasn’t his Robert.

Aaron wanted the man who’d conned his way into his bed, manipulated his way into his heart, more than anything in that moment. The man he’d gotten hot and heavy with in a hay barn, the man who’d not hesitated to lock the door to the cabin and bend him over the desk, or fuck him in his wife’s bed. He wanted the fun and thrill of the Robert he’d fallen for, the Robert he was addicted to despite his better judgement.

Much to Aaron’s dismay, they were at the scrap yard for about an hour before they decided they’d better make their way back to the Wool Pack. Aaron just wanted to get away, to be alone and have time to think.

“Pool tonight then, I’m buying,” Robert said to Adam as he threw his empty can into the trash.

“No way, I owe you Robert,” Adam said slapping him on the shoulder jovially. “Tonight is on me.”

They continued to laugh and chuckle; Aaron had had enough and made his way outside where he stalked up and down the yard, hating and resenting the man inside - like he was personally responsible for taking Robert away from him.

Aaron was distracted by something glinting in the gravel; heading over he bent down and picked up the object realising right away that it was an earring, and not just any earring - it belonged to Chrissie, Aaron knew this because during the week he’d spent at Home Farm he had nosily looked through all of Chrissie’s things asking Robert, who just lay in bed watching him with an amused smile, how much things were worth. “Planning to steal from me are you?” Robert asked with a quirk of his eyebrows. “Perhaps I should tie you to the bed so you can’t escape?” Aaron remembered him saying, unable to stop himself smiling at the memory.

Aaron pocketed the earring quickly when he heard the cabin door open. “See you later then mate,” Adam said shaking Robert’s hand. “I’ll bring Vic, she needs a night off.”

“Tonight then,” Robert said over his shoulder as he headed down the steps and joined Aaron.

Aaron looked again at the petrol can and his fingers closed around the earring inside his pocket; his eyes darted over the burnt out shell of the cars outside the porta-cabin and recognised from what was left of them that one was not a car that they had brought in for scrap. It was one of Robert’s.

Suddenly everything clicked into place, no wonder Chrissie was so keen to see Robert at the hospital. She had started the fire that almost killed Adam, she’d set fire to the Robert’s car. Chrissie hadn’t gone to see Robert because she cared about him, she wanted to make sure he’d keep quiet and with no memory it looked like she’d gotten exactly what she wanted.
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