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Title: Reset – Robert 2.0
Characters/Pairings: Aaron Livesy/Robert Sugden, Adam Barton/Victoria Sugden, Paddy Kirk, Chas Dingle, Diane Sugden, Chrissie White, Lachlan White, Lawrence White, Cain Dingle/Moira Barton, Finn Barton.
Summary: In saving Adam's life on the day of the helicopter crash Robert is injured and loses his memory; when he returns to the village he appears to be a completely different person, a new and improved Robert Sugden. While everyone prefers the new Robert, Aaron struggles to deal with losing the man he fell in love with.

Chapter List: dragontreasure26.dreamwidth.org/227156.html

“I’m sorry,” Robert said backing away quickly. “I don’t know why I -” he started to say.

Aaron surged forward cutting Robert off with another kiss as he backed him against the wall; he wasn’t quite ready for this to be over just yet, he missed the feel of Robert’s lips too much to listen to his all the negative thoughts racing through his head, telling him this was a mistake, that he’d end up regretting it. “Don’t,” Aaron said holding onto Robert tightly. “Is this what you want?” he asked, his eyes dancing over the blonde’s, his heart beating so hard against his chest he was sure it was about to burst. He was nervous, and he knew why – once again Robert had managed to work his way into his heart. “Rob, is this what you want?” he asked again, desperate for an answer.

“I don’t remember,” Robert replied unsurely.

Aaron swallowed hard. “Don’t worry about what you remember,” he told him licking his bottom lip nervously. “Just tell me – here – right now, is this what you want?”

Robert nodded before Aaron had even finished, he couldn’t deny the overwhelming sense of longing, of desire he felt for the young mechanic. Robert’s eyes swept over Aaron’s bottom lip and he wanted nothing more than to kiss him again, to feel the burn of his stubble, the softness of his lips. “You, I want you,” he told him nodding again, he did not want Aaron to doubt him for a second. He needed this to happen.

Their lips crushed together once more in a desperate, clumsy kiss, their noses bumping and their teeth catching each other’s lips but neither of them cared. To Aaron it felt like the floodgates had finally been opened and everything that he’d been holding back, all the confusing feelings, were finally allowed to escape. Aaron realised that despite everything, despite his mother’s warnings, that he still wanted Robert, and it was not just a physical need …. he was still in love with him.

Robert moaned keenly into Aaron’s mouth, his hands slipping around his waist and pulling him closer. Excitement shot down his spine as Aaron’s arms hooked around his neck and pulled him into a deeper kiss. Robert knew in that moment, even without his memories, that it always been this way between them. Electric.

They kissed until they had to break for air and when their eventually lips parted, Aaron slipped his hand into Robert’s and tugged him eagerly up the stairs.

“Aaron?” Robert asked as he led him down the hallway toward his room.

“Don’t talk,” Aaron said tugging Robert inside, closing the door behind them. “If we talk I’m afraid I’ll come to my senses and stop, and I really don’t want to stop,” he confessed.

Robert nodded in agreement, reaching for Aaron once more.


Aaron couldn’t quite believe that he’d wound up in bed with Robert again; after promising himself that he’d never let it happen again … that he’d be strong, that he wouldn’t cave into his desire, his weakness for the older man. But there he was, sitting up in bed in the early hours of the morning just watching the blonde sleeping soundly beside him.

Aaron’s mind couldn’t rest, he just went over and over what had happened – the tearing off of clothes, the frantic, hurried kisses and eager touches. Kisses and touches which soon turned soft and gentle as they slowed down, both of them enjoying the moment as they re-familiarised themselves with each other. Barely a word was said between them, just the odd whimper of each other’s name as they let their bodies do the talking.

Two rounds later, they were both exhausted and Robert fell asleep relatively quickly. Aaron simply didn’t have the heart to wake him up and tell him to go back to his own room. Besides he didn’t really want him to go; instead, he just found himself just watching him, thinking things through and wondering what would happen next.


“It was with you wasn’t it? The affair?” Robert asked, the first words out of his mouth when he woke the next morning.

Aaron sighed, knowing they’d have to face reality and talk about things sooner rather than later; it was convenient with Chrissie in France and the whole village distracted by the events of the helicopter crash to pretend nothing had ever happened between them, but he knew soon enough Chrissie would return and the villagers would start to gossip once more. Aaron had to tell Robert the truth, before he heard a twisted version from anyone else – especially his soon to be ex-wife. “We never meant for it to go so far,” he replied wearily.

“But it did, I’m getting divorced,” Robert replied. “Because I want to be with you, right?” he asked.

Aaron pinched the bridge of his nose. “No Robert,” he sighed in frustration. He’s spend most of the night thinking about everything that had happened before Robert’s accident and realised that when he eventually got his memory back things would go back to how they were – that he’d once again chose Chrissie over him, that he’d do everything to get her back. Angry at himself for falling back into bed with Robert again, Aaron slid out of bed and began to dress.

“Don’t,” Robert said reaching out to him, confused by his sudden anger. “Aaron I don’t understand.”

“You never wanted Chrissie to find out, I told her to get back at you,” Aaron said with a shake of his head. “We were never going to be together Robert, because I’m not what you want, you chose Chrissie,” he told him. “When the affair came out, you told her it was a mistake, that I was a mistake, and you did everything you could to try and win her back. You begged her to take you back.”

Robert shook his head. “No,” he protested, not believing it for a second.

“You used me Robert, then you ditched me,” Aaron said feeling his anger building. “That’s what you do, that’s the real Robert Sugden that everyone is too afraid to tell you about,” he said tugging on his t-shirt and then swiftly heading out of the room.

Robert just watched him go before he sank back against the pillows, wishing he could remember so he could sort this mess out. Robert wished it weren’t true, he didn’t want to be that person – to have an affair just for the thrill of it and then to cast Aaron aside at the end of it. No, there had to be more to it then that. Last night it wasn't just lust between them, there was something deeper than that.


When Robert headed downstairs there was a lot of tension in the air; both he and Aaron had forced into sitting down at the table to join Diane and Victoria for breakfast. Victoria had come over to discuss catering arrangements for Ruby’s funeral as the pub would be hosting the wake.

“What’s going on?” Victoria whispered to Robert when Aaron left the table after eating his breakfast as quickly as humanly possible before making an excuse and dashing off.

Robert’s eyes followed Aaron out of the door before turning to glance at his sister. “Aaron is who I had the affair with,” he told her.

Victoria’s eyes widened, she never expected Robert to find out – they’d all been hoping that his memories would return to him before he did. “How do you know? Did he tell you?” she asked.

Robert knew from his sister’s reaction that she already knew, that she lied to him the previous night when she told him she didn’t know who the affair was with. “You know Vic just because I have no memories that doesn’t give you a reason to lie to me,” he said getting up, grabbing his jacket and heading out of the kitchen ignoring his sister calling after him.

Robert walked around and around the village searching for Aaron, he checked the scrapyard, the garage and the café but he was nowhere to be found. Determined not to give up Robert circled back to the Wool Pack and started again. He sighed with relief when he eventually spotted the mechanic sitting on a brick wall on the outskirts of the village just staring out at the Yorkshire countryside.

“Aaron,” Robert said upon his approach, he did not want to spook the younger man who looked deep in thought.

Aaron jumped off the wall and turned to face Robert. “Look I’m sorry for having a go, I know you don’t remember but I do and I just think -” he started to say.

Robert charged over, cupped Aaron’s face with his hands and pressed a kiss to his lips. “Aaron listen to me,” he said drawing back and looking him in the eyes. “I know I don’t remember but I do know how I feel right now, how I felt last night when I was with you,” he told him.

Aaron’s face coloured a little as he remembered the previous night’s activities. “It was just sex Robert, it always good when we’re together but when it comes down to it you always chose Chrissie over me,” he said as he pushed Robert away.

Robert shook his head, he couldn’t believe that. Robert knew he’d never know what had happened or the reason for his actions until he got his memories back. Right now all he had to go on was what he knew and how he felt since the accident. And he knew Aaron meant more to him that just a fling.

Aaron’s face turning to look at the floor. “Robert we can’t get involved again,” he said with a sigh as he started at his boots. “I’m not sure I can handle it.”

“What do you mean?” Robert asked reaching out and taking hold of Aaron’s hand.

“You don’t get it,” Aaron snapped dropping his hand like it was red hot. “My Robert would never have kissed me in public, he would have never held my hand. You’re not the same, you’re not him,” he said in frustration. Aaron wanted the fire and the passion, the fights and the make-up sex that came after. He wanted the rough and fast, not the tender and loving of the previous night, he wanted the Robert that would use him and them cast him aside – not this Robert, one that would willingly hold his hand and kiss him in public, kiss him like he actually felt something more than just lust.

“I am him,” Robert protested following Aaron as he started to walk away. Aaron shook his head, rubbing his mouth with his sleeve – wanting to get rid of the tantalising taste of Robert. Robert ran to catch up with Aaron. “So you’re saying you’d rather have the old me, the one that was only after an affair, the one that didn’t care about you at all?” he asked incredulously.

“You don’t know anything about it,” Aaron snapped, feeling defensive of the old Robert.

Robert tugged on Aaron’s arm to bring him to a halt. “I may not remember much from before but I understand you Aaron, I’ve seen the way you beat yourself up, the way you punish yourself.”

“You saw the scars,” Aaron said shrinking away in shame, it had been dark in his room when they'd gone up there so he was hoping that Robert wouldn’t have seen them.

“Yes, but that’s not what I mean,” Robert told him. “I haven’t been able to take my eyes off you since I woke up, and I’ve seen the way you punish yourself, the way you try to run when something good happens to you because you’re scared that it will only come back to bite you in the end.”

Aaron looked up at Robert, his eyes darting over his. “You can’t know that,” he whispered. Robert had only been out of hospital just over a week – how could he have possibly learnt so much about him when he barely knew a thing about himself?

“I think you want the old Robert back because he’s another thing you can use to punish yourself,” Robert told him. “You let him mess you around, use you, treat you like nothing more than a bit on the side. You don’t want me now, because you’re scared. You’re too scared because it could really mean something.”

Aaron’s heart beat rapidly against his chest, he felt raw and exposed and that made him feel angry. How the hell had Robert gotten under his skin like this. “Fuck you,” he said shoving his hands against his chest before walking away.

Robert did not back down and ran after Aaron. “Felt good did it? Being treated like that? Like you were nothing?”

“Don’t Robert,” Aaron warned.

“It’s the truth, that’s why you’re running away,” Robert told him.

“You’re doing my head in now back off,” Aaron growled through gritted teeth.

“Or what?” Robert threatened.

Aaron whirled around and punched Robert in the face. “You don’t know me, you don’t know me at all!” he spat before running off.

Robert steadied himself as he recoiled from the punch and then charged after Aaron.

“What the hell is going on?” Chas cried when Aaron burst into the pub, quickly followed by Robert face was swollen and his lip bleeding.

“I punched him the face,” Aaron said gesturing to Robert. “And he still won’t back off,” he said heading around the bar and charging out to the back room.

Robert went after him, followed by Chas, Paddy, Diane and Victoria. Aaron charged up the stairs and Robert tried to follow. “Oh no you don’t!” Chas said grabbing Robert and pushing him out the way before heading up there after Aaron herself with Paddy close behind.

“Perhaps it’s best if you come into the kitchen pet,” Diane said steering Robert away from the stairs. Victoria went to the sink and dampened down a cloth to clean up Robert’s face. “What happened?” Diane asked sitting Robert down at the kitchen table.

“Nothin,” Robert mumbled. “It’s fine.”

“It’s hardly fine,” Diane sighed taking the cloth from Victoria and dabbing it against Robert’s bleeding lip.

“Please don’t fuss,” Robert said looking over toward the door when it opened; he hoped it was Aaron but it was his mother and Paddy.

“Aaron doesn’t want to speak to you right now Robert so I suggest you steer well clear,” Chas warned.

Diane looked over. “The boys live under the same roof Chas, wouldn’t it would be better if this just got sorted out?”

“Aaron’s going to stay with me tonight,” Paddy replied. “Let’s let everyone calm down eh?”

Robert sighed, got up and headed out of the kitchen; Chas went after him to make sure he wasn’t going to go upstairs and see Aaron.

“What did Aaron say?” Diane asked Paddy.

Paddy shook his head. “He wouldn’t talk about it, but it must have been pretty bad for him to lash out like that,” he sighed.

“Robert knows that it was Aaron he had the affair with,” Victoria told them. “I suspect that’s what the argument was about. I’ll try and talk to Robert, find out what happened,” she said heading off after her brother.

Paddy and Diane just looked at each other, both pretty sure that both Robert and Aaron were not going to talk to anyone about it.


Chas cornered Robert once he’d left the kitchen. “I don’t know what sort of game you’re playing but you can stop now,” she hissed.

“Game?” Robert asked with a frown.

“You may not have your memories but that doesn’t change who you are Robert, you’re a cheat and a liar. You stay the hell away from my son got it?”

“Maybe you should tell him to stay away from me,” Robert snapped back at her.

 “That shouldn’t be too hard, he can’t stand the sight of you,” Chas sneered.

Robert felt his blood start to boil, for some reason he really did not like this woman – he knew he must have had a trouble history with her. “He didn’t seem too worried last night when we slept together,” he muttered before stalking off. He instantly regretted telling Chas that, she hated him (that was obvious) and knew she’d berate Aaron for getting involved with him again. Robert stepped out into the bar, grabbed a bottle from the shelf and then sank down into an empty booth – he really needed a drink.

“Well well well, no memories and still causing trouble, why am I not surprised?”

Robert looked up to see who had said the words, as he was still having trouble putting voices, faces and names together. However, the second his eyes landed on the person standing in front of him he had no trouble working out who it was. “Chrissie,” he muttered gazing up at his soon to be ex-wife.

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