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Title: Reset – Robert 2.0
Characters/Pairings: Aaron Livesy/Robert Sugden, Adam Barton/Victoria Sugden, Paddy Kirk, Chas Dingle, Diane Sugden, Chrissie White, Lachlan White, Lawrence White, Cain Dingle/Moira Barton, Finn Barton.
Summary: In saving Adam's life on the day of the helicopter crash Robert is injured and loses his memory; when he returns to the village he appears to be a completely different person, a new and improved Robert Sugden. While everyone prefers the new Robert, Aaron struggles to deal with losing the man he fell in love with.

Chapter List: dragontreasure26.dreamwidth.org/227156.html

“What do you want?” Lachlan said when he opened the door to find Aaron standing there.

Aaron pushed past him and entered the house. “Where’s Chrissie?” he demanded.

Lachlan crossed his arms and fixed Aaron with a hard state. “Why should I tell you?” he asked with a sneer. “You ruined everything,” he muttered. “Get out, mum won’t want to see you.”

“I’m not leaving until I speak to her,” Aaron replied stubbornly. “Chrissie!” he shouted at the top of his lungs, just to prove his point. “Chrissie!”

“Shut up,” Lachlan said shoving Aaron toward the door. “Just get out Aaron,” he snarled.


Both Aaron and Lachlan looked up at the stairs to see Chrissie standing at the top wearing a purple silk dressing gown. “Didn’t think it would talk you long to show your face,” she said heading down the stairs. “Lucky it’s fine, go and finish your homework,” she told her son.

“But mum,” Lachlan protested.

“Go,” Chrissie ordered and knowing she wasn’t going to take no for an answer Lachlan sloped off upstairs, but not before throwing Aaron a dirty look.

Robert sent you didn’t he?” she asked heading over to the drinks cabinet and fixing herself a large glass of scotch.

“How could you take advantage of him like that?” Aarons hissed taking a step toward her.

Chrissie laughed. “Take advantage?” she scoffed. “He got exactly what he deserved,” she told him. “When I first met Robert he had nothing, and that is exactly how I have left him.”

“That’s not fair and you know it,” Aaron growled. “He worked hard for this business,” he told her. “And getting him to sign whilst he was drunk, after the news he’d just had – that was low Chrissie, even for you.”

Chrissie shrugged her shoulders. “He cheated, I’m surprised you don’t remember considering you played a pretty big role in that,” she chuckled to herself. “Anyway he point is he broke our vows only weeks after making them why should I give him a penny?”

“And you were a Saint weren’t you?” Aaron replied. “Oh no wait, I seem to recall you getting up to no good with my Uncle.”

Chrissie rolled her eyes. “One kiss? How can you compare that with what you are Robert got up to for all those months?”

“Give me the paper work Chrissie,” Aaron demanded. “You’re going to give Robert a fair settlement for the divorce.”

Chrissie pursed her lips. “And why would I do that?” she asked.

Aaron smiled confidently. “Or I’ll make a little trip down to the police station and hand over the evidence I have to prove you caused the helicopter crash.”

Chrissie’s eyes snapped toward Aaron’s. “Evidence? What evidence?” she asked.

“You’re not even going to try and deny it are you?” Aaron laughed as he shook his head.

Chrissie’s eyes tracked across Aaron’s. “You have nothing on me.”

“I know you set alight to Robert’s car,” Aaron replied. “I know it exploded and the debris brought the helicopter down, I know that another car caught alight the one Adam was sleeping in. Your actions led to the death of two people and the injuries of countless others. Adam almost died in that fire. Robert’s memory loss is on you, the least you can do it give him what he’s owed.”

“He turned it down, my first offer was more than generous and he said no,” Chrissie replied. “That’s his problem not mine.”

“He didn’t sign because he wanted to wait, but things have changed now, there’s a good chance that Robert will never remember anything,” Aaron argued.

Chrissie rose an eyebrow. “Yes he did seem quite upset about that,” she smirked. “Nothing he doesn’t deserve in my opinion.

“Give him a fair divorce that’s all I’m asking Chrissie and I swear no one has to know about your involvement in the crash,” Aaron told her. “It’s a fair price for your freedom.”

Chrissie sucked in a deep breath. “And this evidence you have?” she asked.

“Buried forever,” Aaron nodded. “You have my word on that.”

Chrissie’s eyes narrowed. “You expect me to trust you? After what you did?”

“All I want is Robert to get his fair share,” Aaron replied. “There’s nothing else I want from you Chrissie. You think I like playing these games? I’m sick of it.”

“Fine,” Chrissie said heading over to her office, Aaron followed closely. Chrissie opened the safe and picked up a file. “Have him sign this instead, the original offer,” she said handing over the paper work to Aaron.

“And the copy you have him sign tonight?” Aaron asked not trusting that Chrissie wouldn’t hand it to her lawyers the first chance she got.

Chrissie sighed, picked up another pile of paperwork and headed over to the fireplace. “There, gone,” she said dumping it on the fire. “So whatever you have on me better end up the same way.”

“You have my word,” Aaron replied turning to leave.

“You’re in love with him aren’t you?” Chrissie called after him, and air of defeat about her. Aaron glanced over his shoulder at her, but did not reply. Chrissie didn’t need him to, it was written all over Aaron’s face. “You’re more of a fool that I thought, Robert has and will only care for one person. Himself.” Chrissie muttered. “See yourself out,” she added coldly.


Robert awoke late the following morning to the sound of his bedroom door opening; he looked over to see Aaron enter the room and set a cup of coffee down on the bedside table. “Hey,” he smiled sleepily.

“Bet you’re feeling rough?” Aaron asked with an amused smile. Robert just groaned in response and buried his face into the sleep-warm pillow. Aaron hovered for a few moments, wondering if Robert remembered what he’d said the night before, if he truly meant it. “I’ll get breakfast going, come down when you feel up to it,” he told him.

“Aaron,” Robert said calling him to stop. Aaron turned to look at him. “Thanks for last night,” he said with a shy smile. “You’re right, I can’t give up … and even if I don’t ever remember, I still have my family.”

Aaron smiled slightly. “And your friends too,” he told him.

“Does that include you?” Robert asked.

Aaron’s mouth twitched into a smile. “If you’re lucky,” he replied before heading out of the room.


“It’s nice to see you two getting on,” Diane said watching as Robert and Aaron ate breakfast together, but Aaron couldn’t help but notice her gaze flicked over Robert’s bruised face – a reminder to them all that things weren’t always quite so good between then. “Oh pet you didn’t tell me how you got on at the hospital?” Diane said laying her hand on Robert’s shoulder.

“Fine thank you,” Robert said smiling up at her. “I just need more time,” he added reassuringly. Diane just smiled at him sympathetically before heading out of the room.

“Why didn’t you tell her the truth?” Aaron asked, intrigue more than accusation to his tone.

Robert shrugged. “Easier I guess, this is for me to worry about, not them.”

“You’re not alone,” Aaron said reaching across the table and touching his hand briefly. “You’ve got me.”

Robert grabbed hold of Aaron’s hand before he could draw it away. “Thank you Aaron, I don’t know what I’d do without you,” he told him. “You’re more than I deserve.”

Aaron’s heart fluttered against his chest. “Well, you’re not too bad yourself,” he smiled getting up and taking the empty dishes over to the sink, fully aware of Robert’s eyes watching him. “I err … I went to see Chrissie, managed to get her to scrap the papers you signed last night,” he told Robert. “The new ones are there,” he said nodding toward the file on the table. “Best find a lawyer to check over them first though.”

Robert slid the file toward him and flipped over the cover. “Her original offer?” he asked after he skim read through the details. “But how?” he asked looking up at Aaron in amazement. “How did you get her to agree to this?”

Aaron licked at his lips nervously. “I … I blackmailed her,” he replied in all honestly. For some reason he didn’t want to lie or hide things from this new Robert, this was a fresh start for them. Aaron coloured a little. “See, I’m quite capable of doing bad things too,” he said turning away and facing the sink, hoping Robert wouldn’t be angry with him.

“What did you have on her?” Robert asked.

“She started a fire at the car lot, the one you rescued Adam from,” Aaron told him. “The one that caused the helicopter crash.”

Robert’s widened in surprise, he leant back in his chair and ran his fingers through his hair as he let this sink in. Chrissie was the reason he’d lost his memory, the reason why two villagers had died. “And you had evidence?” he asked.

“Probably not enough to put her away,” Aaron shrugged. “But she doesn’t need to know that,” he added. “It was enough to spook her.”

Robert got up. Aaron swallowed nervously, wondering what Robert was going to do. This new Robert was more unpredictable than he liked. Suddenly Aaron found Robert’s lips on his – kissing him, his strong hands cupping his face so he couldn’t escape. Aaron loved it when he kissed him like that, showing his dominance, it was a little reminder that the Robert he fell in love with was still there. Aaron’s mind quickly caught up with him, he looped his arms around Robert’s neck and kissed him back eagerly. “Thank you,” Robert breathed as they parted for air.

“You’re not mad?” Aaron asked unsurely, Robert hand’s still on his face. “I just … I just was so angry that she took advantage of you like that, perhaps I shouldn’t have got involved,” he said breathing heavily, still a little taken away by the kiss.

Robert’s hands slid down Aaron’s neck and across his shoulder as he kissed away his concerns. “I’m not mad, you did the right thing,” he said between kisses. “I was hardly in a fit state to sign anything last night, she knew that when she found me. She didn’t care for one moment what had happened. She showed her true colours, and I want nothing more to do with her.”

“She’ll be out of your life for good once the divorce is settled,” Aaron told him.

Robert smiled. “Out of our lives,” he corrected Aaron.

Aaron coloured a little. “That’s what you want?” he asked his eyes darting over Robert’s.

“Of course it is,” Robert replied quickly. “I meant what I said last night Aaron,” he said tangling their fingers together. “I love you Aaron.”

Aaron flushed a deeper shade of red, his fingers tightening around Robert’s. “I thought you’d forgotten about saying that,” he admitted. “Or were just pretending you had because you didn’t mean it.”

Robert shook his head. “Never,” he replied simply.

Aaron felt a sudden surge of desire rush through him, he backed Robert against the kitchen counter as their lips found each other’s once more. They kissed desperately, both of them trying to make up for so much lost time. Aaron shied away when Robert’s hands slid under his shirt, worried about his scars but Robert nuzzled his face into Aaron’s neck and whispered into his ear. “You’re beautiful, every inch of you,” as he traced a finger down one of the more prominent scars. Aaron’s knees almost buckled at that point, and he felt his cock straining against his jeans. “Do you want to go upstairs?” Robert whispered.

“Should we be doing this?” Aaron asked drawing back enough to look Robert in the eyes.

Robert frowned. “Don’t you want to?” he asked, hurt in his eyes. Aaron quickly pushed these negative thoughts from his mind, what was he thinking? Why was he doubting this? He wanted Robert and Robert clearly wanted him. Aaron knew why, he was thinking about what everyone else would say – Chas, Paddy, Chrissie, but he pushed this out of his mind and just focused on he wanted. And that was Robert. “Aaron?” Robert asked unsurely. Aaron captured Robert’s mouth in a tender kiss, enough of an answer for Robert who kissed him back.

They sprung apart when they heard the door open but it wasn’t quick enough for Victoria not to spot them. “Oh sorry I’ll … I’ll come back later I guess,” she said turning to leave.

“No it’s okay I’ve got to shower and get ready for work,” Aaron said tugging his clothes straight and running a self-conscious hand through his hair as he rushed past Victoria.

Robert smiled at his sister. “Good timing Sis!” he chuckled.

Victoria’s eyebrows rose. “Did I walk in on what I think I did?” she asked.

Robert just blushed a little. “Perhaps,” he replied unable to hide his grin.

“Right sit down and tell me everything right now,” Victoria said excitedly. “He punched you the other day and now I find you two making out like a couple of lovesick teenagers? What’s going on?!”

Robert laughed. “I’ll put the kettle on,” he said blissfully happy.

Victoria just watched as her brother pottered around the kitchen, she was so pleased that he was happy. Since the accident she’d noticed him slowly start to become more frustrated with his lack of memories, and that frustration slowly turn to depression. Now he seemed happier than she had seen him a long time and it was all thanks to Aaron.

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