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Title: The Path Unwinding
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, John Hart plus OC’s
Summary: Newlyweds Ianto Jones and Jack Harkness thought all their problems would be over once they reached the Time Agency but it appears that trouble has a habit of following them wherever they go.
Warnings: MxM, smut, swearing, mpreg.
Rating: 15

Chapter List: dragontreasure26.dreamwidth.org/197073.html

Ianto watched entrant after entrant go through their first test; each one was faced with a different challenge and only a quarter had passed so far. Each test was tough and Ianto tried to think of how he himself would have dealt with each one and tried to learn something from every candidate whether they passed or failed. It was impossible to predict what the next entrant would be faced with; each time the arena changed, from barren wasteland, to a city, to a frozen wilderness. The crowd got behind each entrant and Ianto became so engrossed in watching that he forget he himself could be called down at any moment.

When Ianto's name was finally called, he sucked in a deep breath, smiled confidently at Taliah and the blue-skinned boy (who Ianto found out to be called Eric) and made his way down the steps to the arena. Ianto did not look up at Jack as he made his way to the black cross in the middle of the arena- he could not allow himself to become distracted by him.

"Select a weapon."

Ianto turned to the table behind him and studied the vast array of weapons on offer; he had no idea what he'd be faced with and so did not know what was his best option. He avoided anything that looked too high tech, he'd watched other entrants use them but knew in a life and death situation he needed to be confident with his choice and he just wasn’t completely comfortable using advanced technology. Ianto picked up the crossbow and considered it for a moment, but he set it back down knowing that if he ran out of arrows it would be useless to him, besides what if he found himself in the dark where he couldn't aim?

A small gasp and a couple of snickers went around the audience when Ianto finally made his choice and picked up a sword. No one had chosen one of the older weapons before, let alone something that he couldn't even be used at a distance but Ianto liked the weight of it in his hand, it felt right. Besides, he was an exceptional swordsman and so felt confident in his choice.

Ianto glanced up at the enormous screen that hung over the arena and saw an image of himself staring back down at him. Ianto's eyes darted over the information displayed alongside his photographs and was pleased to see that they'd put his name down as Ianto rather than Ieun. He was less pleased, however, when he saw they’d stated that he was a former member of Torchwood. Ianto glanced around the crowd, the atmosphere seemed to have changed and not for the better.

"Torchwood scum!"  Someone shouted out which was soon followed by more jeers and a chorus of boos.

Ianto's eyes widened, he was shocked how the crowd had turned on him. Ianto sought out Taliah and Eric in the crowd, they both looked shocked to discover the truth about him. His stomach tied itself in knots and he felt sick. Ianto's eyes sought out Jack who smiled at him reassuringly. Jack believed him capable of doing this - he always had done. Jack knew he was better than what Torchwood had made him and Ianto had to keep reminding himself of that.

Ianto gritted his teeth together and drew himself up tall. He was going to do this for himself, not for anyone else. He didn't care what the crowd thought of him, he could do this without their support.

The room suddenly changed around him; it became dark and the air turned icy cold. Ianto could see his breath in front of his face as he took in his surroundings; he was in an eerie forest, just the odd hoot of an owl to break the silence.

Peering through the trees Ianto could just about see the edge of the arena and the circle of people outside of it ... everyone’s eyes were on him, watching him intently, but no one called out words of encouragement or cheered him on. Ianto felt very alone. Sucking in another deep breath and deciding to just ignore the crowd Ianto started to move, stepping carefully, trying not to kick the leaves or snap on any branches for fear of drawing the attention of whatever threat was out there.

Ianto jumped when he heard the whinny of a horse, he span around just as the horse bolted passed him. Ianto fell back against a tree and caught his breath, the horse had been rider-less but had a saddle and bridle.

Ianto knew that meant there was someone out there.

Ianto tried to ignore the laughter of the crown, they enjoyed seeing him frightened. More jeers were sent his way but he didn't blame them, they knew what Torchwood were responsible for, what they stood for and he didn't blame them for enjoying seeing one of them vulnerable for once. The hunter become the hunted.

Ianto sucked in a deep breath and focused on the task at hand. He could do this, this was second nature to him, the amount of times he'd been in a situation like this back when he worked for Torchwood reminded him that he was trained, that he could take on whatever was out there.

"I know you're out there. I will find you and when I do I will kill you."

Ianto's eyes widened and his heart leapt into his throat when he realised - he knew that voice and who it belonged to.


Ianto's eyes instantly looked up and sought out Jack in the examiners booth starting down at him with wild eyes, his hands pressed on the glass. Milo was just behind him, talking to him and trying to pull him away but Jack didn’t budge.

Violet - how? How could that be possible? Ianto wondered. Then it hit him, Eric had told him that the scenarios where based on past Time Agent experiences. Jack must have had his debrief already and they must have created a simulation based on what had happened to him on Earth.

Ianto clutched the sword tightly in his hand. He was not going to run; he was not going to be the hunted. No, he was going to do what he was trained to do - he was going to hunt her. Simulation or not, he was determined to kill Violet once and for all.


"Jack sit down! What's the matter with you?" Milo said grabbing Jack by the shoulder and pulling him around to face him.

"You're using what happened to me!" Jack snapped at him.

Milo glanced at the screen. The entrants and examiners could see what Ianto could not - they could see Violet skulking through the trees looking for him. And she was getting close too. "I didn't know Jack. I'm sorry, if you want to leave I understand. I don't want you to have to re-live what happened to you, I heard you had a rough time on Earth."

Jack shook his head. "No it's not that, I just ... I wasn't expecting it that's all. I only got debriefed this morning, it was a shock to see her again."

"We've had more entrants than ever before, they're creating new simulations even as we speak so we don't have to repeat any and give some students and advantage." Milo explained.

Jack sat down in one of the examiners chairs and stared up at the screen. "That woman gave me hell." he said staring at the simulated version of Violet who looked just as cold and calculated as the real one. They’d used his memories to create her, memories that they’d forced from him during the brain scan that came with the compulsory debrief after a mission and the results were scarily accurate. Luckily Jack had forced all memories and of Ianto from his head, he couldn’t risk working out who he was.

"Well let's hope this kid gives her hell too, he's a very promising candidate." Milo said glancing at his handheld tablet which displayed Ianto's details. "He's come a long way to be here."

Jack was just thankful that he’d managed to block out Ianto during the brain scan, so that they weren’t aware of his connection to him. "Did you chose this simulation deliberately?" Jack asked. "To put one Torchwood Agent against another?" he asked, it couldn't be a coincidence.

Milo just smiled in return.

Jack eyes returned to the screen. "Come on Yan, show ‘em what you’re made of." he whispered under his breath.


Ianto span around at the sound of movement in the trees behind him. "You might as well show yourself." he said his fingers gripping the sword tightly.

Ianto dived when Violet suddenly stepped out of the trees, gun in hand firing bullets at him. Ianto took off into the woods using the trees as protection from the bullets. She would run out soon ... that is if this simulation was accurate and she was using a gun from their time, one which only could hold a limited amount of ammunition.

Violet fired her last bullet and tossed the gun away angry – knowing it would take too long to reload. "Come out and face me coward." she shouted.

Ianto came out from his hiding place, his sword raised. Violet did not look impressed, but Ianto could tell that she did not recognise him – she was just a simulation, she wasn’t real. "Snap." she said with a cruel smile as she drew out her own sword from the sheath strapped around her back. "Think you can take me on?" she asked.

A sudden rush of anger and hatred for the woman filled Ianto; he charged toward her raising the sword up high before bringing it down with all of his strength. Violet managed to block his sword with her own but lost her footing a little due to the shear force.

Ianto raised his sword again determined not to give Violet the upper hand.

Metal clashed against metal as they fought for what felt like hours. Ianto knew it was going to tough to beat her, they had both been trained by the same person, Henry, and so were evenly matched when it came to skill. Ianto was a little stronger than Violet but she was faster and managed to dodge and block every strike.

Ianto's eyes locked onto Violet's. "What is wrong with you?!" he shouted angrily as she went for him again, he darted to one side and she crashed into a tree. Ianto took the chance, he tossed his sword to one side grabbed Violet by the arm, span her round and kicked out her legs using his foot. Violet let go of her sword as she crashed to the floor. Ianto kicked it away from her reach, pinned her down and climbed over her, holding her by the throat. "Why can't you just leave me be? Why do you keep coming back to haunt me?" he said his hands gripping her throat tightly. He knew he’d just let the image or her get to him, the memory of all she’d done – that the person in front of him wasn’t actually Violet and killing her would do nothing to change what she’d done.

But he still couldn’t help himself.

Violet spluttered and choked as Ianto increased the pressure on her windpipe; he watched as she thrashed beneath him, trying to break free, but he was too strong for her and he knew within a matter of moments she'd stop struggling for good.


Jack stared at the screen, watching in horror as Ianto choked Violet. "Yan ..." he breathed, knowing he was close to killing her. Simulation or not, he knew this wasn't him and knew the crowd would turn on him even more for showing that Torchwood killer instinct. Jack knew that if it were anyone else Ianto would have let go by now but this was Violet and so he wasn't so sure. “Let go Yan.” he whispered under his breath.

Jack sighed with relief when he saw Ianto's grip on Violet loosen and the realisation of what he was doing showed in his eyes. He got off her and stumbled back looking down at his hands in horror. Jack's heart ached for him; he wanted nothing more than to go down and help him but he knew he couldn't interfere or Ianto would be disqualified.

Jack's eyes darted to Violet who'd managed to pull herself up off the floor; she grabbed her sword and ran for Ianto who was leaning against a tree breathing heavily. Ianto turned just in time to see Violet coming for him but was unable to get out of the way fast enough.

"NO!" Jack cried out, slamming his hands against the glass as he watched her blade run right through him.
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