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Title: The Parting of Ways
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester/Castiel, Sam Winchester, Hannah.
Summary: After the sanctified blood ritual successfully turns him back to human, Dean just wants Cas to stay with him the night.
Warnings: MxM pairing, mild spoilers for Supernatural season 9/10.
Rating: T

Dean panicked when Cas headed for the door of his room; the thought of being left alone after all that had happened filled him with dread. Cas’s presence was comforting, the peaceful aura the Angel naturally seemed to fill the room with calmed him and just looking at him was distraction enough – the man was truly beautiful after all. Dean desperately wanted to cling onto the Angel, just like he had all the other times Cas had dragged him out hell (be it literal hell or Dean’s own personal hell). Being human again just felt raw and it was a little too much, truth be told he didn’t want to be left alone with his thoughts, with the memories of what he’d done whilst he was a demon.

“Cas, stay?” Dean asked, the words spilling out of his mouth before he could stop them.

Cas dropped the handle and turned away from the door. “Of course.” he smiled. “I wasn’t planning on leaving until we were sure the sanctified blood ritual had really worked.” he told him.

Dean smiled a little, he forgot sometimes that Cas didn’t always understand his meaning. “I didn’t mean the Bunker.” he replied. “Not that I don’t appreciate you being here, but I meant will you stay here with me tonight?” he said slipping off the bed and heading over to Cas.

“Sam will be back shortly with food for you.” Cas said a little nervous when the Hunter started to tug off his trench coat.

“I’m not hungry anymore, just tired. Really tired.” Dean said with a sigh as he slipped the coat off the Angel’s shoulders and threw it on the chair in the corner of the room; it was quickly followed by Cas’s suit jacket. “You know I miss you wearing a tie.” Dean said his fingers automatically going to undo the back to front blue piece of fabric like he must have imagined a million times or more but stopping when they found it absent.

Cas swallowed hard, still a little uncertain of what was going on. “As an Angel my vessel’s clothing mean nothing to me, but when I was human I found wearing a tie restricting and uncomfortable … guess I didn’t quite manage to shake it.” he tried to explain.

Dean just smiled in response as he toed off his boots; Cas smirked a little when Dean finally had them off and shrank down a few inches in height. “What?” Dean asked with a frown, his red shirt joining Cas’s trench coat and jacket on the chair.

Cas fixed him with his big blue eyes. “You are less intimidating when you’re not wearing those.” he said nodding to the boots.

“You think I’m intimidating?” Dean asked amused. “You’re an Angel of the Lord after all.” he teased.

Dean didn’t give him chance to reply, besides Cas was too stunned by Dean wrapping his hand around his and leading him over to his bed. “Dean?” he questioned.

Dean sighed; he knew he needed to explain his action to the confused Angel but right now he did not have the energy. “Don’t Cas, not tonight. I just need you to stay with me okay?” Dean replied climbing onto his bed and pulling the Angel down beside him.

Cas just nodded in agreement. There were somethings about humans that he knew he would never quite understand.

“I know you don’t sleep.” Dean mumbled, already half-way there himself. “But could you just pretend?” he asked. “Kinda creepy otherwise.” he said smiling at the Angel who was just lying beside him staring at him.

Cas closed his eyes instantly. “Actually I have been sleeping quite a lot, losing my Grace is taking it out of me.” he explained.

Dean’s fingers curled around Cas’s arm and tightened. “We’ll fix it.” he said simply.

Cas opened his eyes once more and let them swim in Dean’s; he smiled grateful … he wanted to question Dean’s confidence, there was no way they could be sure that he could be fixed but Dean’s eyes had drifted closed and his breaths turned heavy which after much experience Cas knew meant the Hunter had fallen asleep.

Cas watched him for a while, creepy or not he found it comforting and a little fascinating to watch humans sleep. Particularly Dean because of the vulnerability that showed on his softened face, the relaxedness of his usually so strong muscles and the steady slow pulse of his heart beat. Dean rolled over after a while, exposing the shoulder that bore Cas’s handprint. Cas reached out and traced the palm and each finger before finally laying his hand over – a perfect fit – just like they could be he thought wistfully. He quickly crossed himself for such thoughts, a human and an Angel. A hunter and an Angel. Impossible.


Cas avoided Sam’s eye when he bumped into him in the corridor as he headed out of Dean’s room the following morning. Sam was eager to talk to him and wasn’t about to let him get away so easy. “So I came back last night with food and found you and Dean asleep?” he questioned trying to sound casual.

“I – he asked me to stay.” Cas replied simply, watching as Sam poured milk over his morning cereal.

Sam sat down at the table and began to eat. Cas sat down also, feeling like he owed Sam. “Okay, so … am I missing something?” Sam asked. “Did something happen between you two last night?”

Cas shook his head. “He has become human again, he didn’t want to be alone.” he replied. “It was nothing more than that.” he added with a shrug.

“Okay.” Sam said holding his hands up innocently. “It was just a surprise that’s all.” he replied before he carried on eating.

Cas shifted uncomfortable in his seat. “Sam -” he started to say but was stopped when Dean entered the kitchen.

“Morning.” Dean said cheerfully as he grabbed the pot of coffee on the warmer and poured himself a mug.

Cas glanced up at him – how could he be so cheerful after the night he’d had? His sleep plagued by nightmares, waking up two or three times in a sweat of fear. “Good morning Dean.” Cas replied; he knew sometimes humans liked to pretend, to kid themselves everything was okay and so just went along with it for Dean’s sake. Despite the Winchesters being brothers, they didn’t often share such personal feelings he’d noticed.

“So what’s the plan for today then fella’s?” Dean asked swallowing down a mouthful of coffee. “Any monsters to gank?” he asked eager to get back to work, to start making up for all that he’d done.

Sam glanced at the Mark of Cain still burnt onto his brother’s arm. “How about the three of us put our heads together and work on getting rid of that first?” he suggested.

Dean rubbed his hand over the Mark, he nodded a little – once he was rid of it he was sure he could start to put his life back on track. Despite it’s power, it was not worth all the pain it brought.

“I have to leave actually.” Cas said getting up and pulling on the trench coat he’d draped over the back of the chair.

“Already?” Sam asked glancing from Dean to Cas with a frown; he sensed a little awkwardness between them.

“Yes, there is some of my grace left out there – somewhere – I have to find it.” Cas explained. “Hannah called this morning, she has a lead, she’s waiting for me outside.”

Sam nodded; he knew Cas wouldn’t survive long on stolen grace for long. “Well can we do anything to help?” he asked.

Cas shook his head. “No you have to concentrate on finding a way to get rid of the Mark.” Cas said glancing over his shoulder at Dean. “That’s your priority right now.”

Dean swallowed hard. “And if you expect us to just watch you die you’ve got a screw lose.” he snapped. “Follow up your lead with Hannah, we’ll hit the books there must be something here that can help.”

Cas nodded. “Very well.” he said knowing it was pointless to try and dissuade Dean once he had his mind set on something. “Goodbye Sam.”

Sam got up, embraced Cas and patted him on the back. “Be safe, call us if you need anything.” he told him.

Cas nodded; he paused beside Dean, not sure what to say. “Goodbye Dean.” he said simply.

Dean sucked in a deep breath and just nodded his head as Cas passed by, and headed out of the kitchen.

“Dean, seriously?” Sam said with raised eyebrows.

“What?” Dean snapped accusingly.

“Go after him.” Sam ordered. “If he doesn’t get his grace back, he’ll die. You know he won’t take any more stolen grace willingly. This could be the last we ever see of him.”

Dean’s heart clenched tight in his chest. “That’s not going to happen.” he said stuffing his hands in his pockets. “This is Cas we’re talking about, he’s … he always finds a way.”

Sam swallowed hard knowing his brother was in denial about many things … but most importantly the possibility they could lose Cas. “He’s running out of time, just grow a pair and for once admit your feelings Dean.”

“I – how?” Dean asked his eyes narrowing at Sam.

“I’m not an idiot.” Sam replied with a sigh. “Cas has been in love with you ever since he pulled you out of hell, and he still is even after everything that has happened.”

Dean winced thinking of everything that had happened, everything he’d done and what he’d become. How could Cas still love him after that?

Sam swallowed. “– And I think you feel the same.” he said gently. Dean glared at Sam, not liking his inner most feelings being exposed but did not protest; how could he? It was true after all, he was in love with the Angel. “You owe it to him to tell him the truth before he leaves.” Sam told him.

Dean’s eyes fell to the floor, and ran over the rim of his boots. “He knows … he must know.” he mumbled barely audible.

“You don’t know for sure unless you tell him.” Sam said heading over and placing his hands on Dean’s shoulders. “It will give him the courage to fight. I can see it in his eyes Dean, he’s accepted his fate – he believes he’s near the end, that he’ll die when his grace runs out. Give him something to fight for.” he encouraged.

Sam sighed when Dean did not move or say a word; he sat down at the table heavily and just pulled the nearest book from the ever growing pile in the middle of the table toward him and began to read looking for any reference to Angels or the Mark of Cain. After a few moments he heard the heavy thud of boots heading out of the kitchen and running across the bunker and when he looked up Dean was gone. Sam smiled to himself before returning his attention to his book.


“Cas!” Dean shouted at the top of his lungs as he sped out of the bunker onto the street outside, but he was too late the car Hannah had picked Cas up in had already set off leaving a trail of dust in its wake. “Cas …” Dean said again with a sigh as he hung his head. “God damn Cas.” he muttered under his breath.

The squeaking of badly worn brakes caused Dean to lift his head and he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the car stop and then start to reverse toward him; he had to jump out of the way as it came at him extremely fast before stopping suddenly. Cas climbed out of the car, looking a little shaky. “Sorry, Hannah is new to driving.” he told Dean.

Dean just smiled a little; he leaned down and peered at Hannah through the window. “Yeah you might wanna go a little easier on those pedals.” he told her. “Err … do you mind turning your ears off while I speak to Cas for a moment.”

Hannah stared at Dean puzzled for a moment before she turned back to stare out of the windscreen.

Not sure if she’d understood the need for privacy or not, Dean grabbed Cas by the elbow and pulled him over the road to the grass verge. Cas glanced at him. “Whatever you have to say you can say in front of Hannah, she is a loyal Angel she would not betray us.”

“It’s not about that Cas.” Dean said dropping Cas’s arm like it was red hot. “I just wanted to catch you before you left. Summat I gotta tell you.”

Cas just nodded. “Go on.”

Dean’s eyes darted over Cas’s wide and innocent ones – he wished for once the Angel would pick up a hint and not force him to have to be so blunt. “Dammit Cas, I just … I just realised that I might not see you again.” he struggled.

Cas’s eyes darkened and he sighed heavily; his shoulders drooping a little. “That is true and it pains me too Dean.”

Dean’s hand returned to Cas’s arm and gripped him tightly. “That Grace runs out you find some more, you hear me Cas?” he said firmly. “Even if it’s not your’s you get some to keep you going till you find it.”

Cas smiled a little. “You know I can’t do that Dean.” he said with a shake of his head.  “It would mean another Angel has to die and I won’t let that happen – not for me.”

“Well for me then.” Dean snapped crossly. “For me if not for yourself ’cause I can’t lose you Cas. I can’t. Not again.”

Cas frowned a little. “I have instructed Hannah to keep watch over you should something happen to me.” he told him.

Dean sighed. “You think that’s all you are to me? To Sam? Just a bodyguard? You’re our friend Cas, you can’t just expect us to accept another Angel in your place.”

Cas’s eyes rested on Dean’s and he smiled warmly. “That is very kind of you Dean, I’m glad I mean as much to you as you do to me.”

Dean nodded. “You’re right, you do and I wish I’d made that more clear to you.”

“Castiel we need to get going, we don’t have much time.” Hannah said getting out of the car and staring at Dean like he was the enemy, like he was the reason for Cas’s fading grace and imminent death.

Dean glanced over at her irritably. “Another minute and he’s all your's sister.”

Hannah frowned. “You are no Angel Dean Winchester, I am not your sister.” she said opening the car door once more. “Castiel we must leave now.”

“A minute.” Cas said firmly.

Hannah pursed her lips but nodded in agreement before climbing back into the car and starting the engine.

Dean knew he didn’t have much time, that it was now or never …really never … because Sam was right, he could lose Cas for good. “You make sure you come home.” he said hand sliding around the back of Cas’s neck as he pulled him into a rushed kiss hating the fact he had no time to make savour it. “Come home okay.” he said pulling back a little, his forehead pressed to Cas’s and his eyes locked on his.

“Dean.” Cas croaked stunned. “I -.”

“I know.” Dean smiled crookedly as he felt the Angel shake beneath him. He swallowed hard. “And I feel the same.” he said scarcely able to let the words had escaped him. “So make sure you get your ass back here, fully Graced up so I can show you all right?” he said breaking away and pushing Cas toward the car before he could regret it.

Cas’s hand gripped Dean’s shoulder tightly, laying perfectly over the imprint and he smiled broadly. “I will Dean.” he promised. “I will.” he nodded before climbing into the car.

Dean watched as the car sped away and remained staring down the track for a long while before retreating back into the bunker. He sat down at the table Sam was now working at expecting his brother to say something, make a comment, tease him … but Sam only smiled at him before returning to his work. Dean smiled back gratefully before grabbing a book and taking the seat opposite Sam.

He hoped it wouldn’t be long until he heard that familiar flutter of wings.

Part 2: Homecoming



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