Title: Infatuation
Characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen, Owen and Tosh.
Summary: When Gwen is exposed to a concentrated dose of pheromones she falls completely in love with the first person she set eyes on none other than Captain Jack Harkness. Despite Jack’s protests Gwen is determined that they are to be together and won’t let anyone get in her way least of all Ianto Jones.
Warnings: MxM pairing, swearing, angst
Spoilers: None
Rating: 15
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Title: Pancake Day (part of the specials verse)
Characters: Jack/Ianto and their five children Harry, Grace, Oliver, Paige and J.J.
Summary: One shot: It’s Pancake day in the Harkness-Jones household.
Warnings/Spoilers: None.
Rating: PG

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Title: Too Shy to Scream 1/1 - Complete
Characters: Jack and Ianto
Summary: For Ianto Jones February 14th certainly will be a Valentine's to remember.
Warnings: mxm pairing, swearing and unapolgetic smuttiness!
Rating: Adult

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