Title: Open Mic Night
Characters/Pairings: Mickey/Ian, Lip, Carl, Debbie, Fiona/Jimmy, Frank, Kev/Vee, Mandy, Svetlanda and ensemble.
Summary: When Kev holds an Open Mic night at the Alibi with a prize of $250 Debbie hatches a plan to get her brothers to enter. Mickey, knowing the Gallagher brothers can't hold a note between them, quickly takes matters into his own hands.
Warnings: MxM pairing, swearing, smut.
Rating: Adult

Chapter List:  dragontreasure26.dreamwidth.org/222851.html

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Title: A New Direction
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto and OC Violet

Summary: AU - Sequel to Lonely Road. After escaping 19th Century Torchwood Jack and Ianto believe their troubles to be finally over and begin to adjust to life on board an alien ship not realising there is a passenger on board who is out for their blood.
Warnings: MxM pairing, swearing, smut.
Rating: Adult

Chapter List: dragontreasure26.dreamwidth.org/185618.html


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Title: Lonely Road
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto and OC’s Violet, Edwin, Charles and Liza.
Summary: AU. It's 1801 and Torchwood Agent Ianto Jones is on a mission to track down and capture rogue Time Agent Jack Harkness.

Warnings: MxM pairing, swearing, smut.
Rating: 15

Chapter List: dragontreasure26.dreamwidth.org/173508.html


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Title: Too Shy to Scream 1/1 - Complete
Characters: Jack and Ianto
Summary: For Ianto Jones February 14th certainly will be a Valentine's to remember.
Warnings: mxm pairing, swearing and unapolgetic smuttiness!
Rating: Adult

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Title: A Rose by any other name ...
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Tosh and Owen.

Jack agrees to go ahead with his unplanned pregnancy on the understanding that Ianto leaves with child once she is born. Will he really be able to say goodbye?
I do not own Torchwood or any of the characters. See profile for full disclaimer.
Warnings: Mpreg, smut, swearing, angst.
Rating: Adult

Chapter List: 


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